Election of New State Democratic Party Leadership Could be Slated for Next Month

by Brava Media New Mexico


Following today’s resignation of State Party Chair, Richard Ellenberg, leadership now reverts to Vice-Chair Neomi Martinez-Parra.

Robert Lara, Treasurer of the Democratic Party of New Mexico, said Martinez-Parra will fulfill Ellenberg’s duties until a special election is held for a new chair. Party rules do not allow for automatic succession. Lara said the election will likely be held during the party’s State Central Committee meeting on April 21.

Party rules require leadership to have a gender balance. However, in the case of a resignation, party rules waive the gender-balance requirement and allow anyone to run for the vacant position. Whoever is elected chair will serve the remainder of the term to Spring 2019.

Before Ellenberg’s resignation, Lara said the party was in the process of developing policies to address sexual harassment. The proposed policies should be presented at the April meeting.

“Our friends will tell us we need to have a better understanding of these issues, we need to honor the folks who come forward, have courage and strength to come forward, and provide support,” Lara said. “Those issues are important and I think having new leadership that respects that process better is helpful.”

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