5 Questions with the Mariposa Fund

1) What is your organization, and who – and what needs – does it serve?

The Mariposa fund is founded by women of color and queer folks all of whom are abortion care providers. Our mission is rooted in a desire to create equal access to reproductive healthcare for all. As a fund, our goal is to bridge the gap for undocumented folks seeking abortion services in New Mexico. New Mexico is one of the very few states in the country where abortion if fully covered by Medicaid, which aids in people safely accessing abortion services in our state. However, undocumented people are not eligible for Medicaid and face further obstacles when seeking healthcare such as fear of criminalization, economic insecurity, and language or cultural differences.


2) What is your role within the organization, and what has inspired you to do this work?

The idea for the fund was born out of directly witnessing the lack of access for undocumented people to abortion care. We regularly interact with patients who face extraordinary financial challenges and travel across borders and checkpoints when seeking abortion services. The Mariposa Fund understands that the challenges faced by undocumented folks seeking abortion services arise from structural inequality including racism, sexism, and xenophobia. Therefore, we are committed to organizing in a collective, non-hierarchical manner and we use consensus decision making to hold us accountable to our mission and the community we serve.


3) What political and social change are you working towards?

As the Mariposa Fund, we strive to conduct our work through an intersectional lens, and intersectionality manifests for us in various ways—through our history of being founded by queer people, immigrant and undocumented folks as well as women of color. Our work lives at the intersection of these identities and allows us to recognize the importance of raising awareness that not all folks who need and seek abortion services identify as women as well as to highlight the need to center the voices of people of color and immigrants as a way to maintain accountability to the community and the patients we serve. Our efforts are also founded on dismantling the barriers to accessing abortion, which include fear of crossing checkpoints, distrust of medical professionals, as well as language barriers, and how these are further amplified for people who are undocumented.


4) How can people access the resources that your organization provides?

Those who are interested in the work we do can reach us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/mariposafund, on Instagram @MariposaFund and our website is coming soon! If you or somebody you know is undocumented and seeking abortion care in New Mexico, email us at mariposafundabq@gmail.com for funding assistance. We Speak Spanish!


5) How can those who want to support the work of your organization best engage with and amplify what you are doing?

One of the most meaningful ways people can support and amplify our work is by donating to our fund. Currently, one-hundred percent of our funds go toward partially covering the cost of abortion procedures for undocumented folks. We hope that one day we will be able to cover the full cost of procedures for undocumented people seeking these services, which means patients will no longer be burdened with paying what can sometimes be thousands of dollars for their procedure while also worrying about other systemic barriers.

Additionally, we are currently fundraising with the National Network of Abortion Funds, The New Mexico Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, and Indigenous Women Rising for the 2018 Abortion Access Bowl-A-Thon. Our goal is to raise over $5,000 by April 19th that will go directly to supporting various communities in accessing abortion services. People can support our team by donating using the following link: https://bowl.nnaf.org/team/161511


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