Our Choice is Always Pro-Choice

by Brava Editorial Board

When we started Brava Media New Mexico, we agreed as a Board that we would not endorse in political races, but rather, that our mission was to support Democratic women in politics. We stand by our non-endorsement process, however, we find it critical to our fundamental rights as women and LGBTQ communities to make a public statement against Jeff Apodaca’s contribution to Claris, a Crisis Pregnancy Center.

Crisis Pregnancy Centers are businesses, typically non-profits, that spread misinformation about women’s healthcare services and reproductive health options.

Historically, women and LGBTQ communities have built networks for survival and this case is no different. In this era of inaccuracy and deception, we need to stick together to share information that helps us save each other’s lives.

At Brava Media, we trust women to make the personal health care decisions that are right for them and their families. We openly support access to all forms of reproductive health care. It is a dangerous time for reproductive health, not only here in New Mexico, but also across the nation. By contributing to an out-of-state, anti-choice crisis pregnancy center, Jeff Apodaca continues to endanger the lives of New Mexico women and people who need abortion access.

When The Santa Fe New Mexican asked Jeff Apodaca about the contribution, he was quick to fault his wife for making the donation. However, we hold Jeff equally accountable for this action, given the joint tax return that contains his signature.  

In the spirit of transparency, we urge Jeff Apodaca to release the last four years of his tax returns to level the playing field amongst the candidates and prove to the public, before final votes are cast tomorrow, that anti-choice or other questionable donations are not a pattern for this candidate for governor.

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