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#PledgeIt Campaign Compels Candidates to Deliver More Than Lip Service

By Brava Media

A new campaign calls on candidates to commit to diversifying their staff and cabinet positions. The call for action comes from Nasty Women New Mexico, a local activist group that both grew out of and flourished because of Donald Trump’s election.

Dubbed #Pledgeit, the group asks candidates to sign a commitment card agreeing  to “hire a gender balanced staff, both in numbers and positions of power, and inclusive of people of color”.

The goal is to have political staff in New Mexico reflective of the diversity of our state, including members of our LGBTQ community.

Nasty Women New Mexico, includes Democratic women on a mission to change the current political system through their active participation in local elections. Their recent history has included work on political campaigns and endorsing candidates. The campaign represents the group’s move toward issue-based advocacy.

“You can’t look at #metoo without getting to #Pledgeit,” said Nasty Women NM founder Felice Garcia, “sexual assault in the workplace is about gender equality”.

When asked about their hopes for the outcome of the #Pledgeit campaign, representatives of Nasty Women insist the solution is in a cultural shift, one that should be taking place within our communities as well as the workplace.

So far, the group has either heard back or received a commitment from several candidates including:

Candidates for Senator

Martin Heinrich

Candidates for Governor

Jeff Apodaca
Peter DeBenedittis
Michelle Lujan Grisham

Candidates for Lt. Governor

Rick Miera
Howie Morales

Candidates for Congressional District 1

Patrick “Pat” Davis
Debra “Deb” Haaland
Jesse Heitner
Damian Lara
Damon P. Martinez
Paul Moya
Antoinette Sedillo Lopez

Candidates for Congressional District 2

Angel Damian Peña
Xochitl Torres Small

Candidates for Auditor

Brian Colón
Bill McCamley

Candidates for Land Commissioner

Stephanie Garcia Richard
Garrett VeneKlasen

Candidates for Secretary of State

Maggie Toulouse Oliver

The resulting impact of this budding movement, however, remains to be seen. Will candidates truly invest in New Mexico’s asset of diversity as they hire staff and make appointments to cabinet positions?                                                                                       

“We should all be watching” said Nasty Women’s Meta Hirschl.

*The National Organization for Women (NOW New Mexico) has endorsed this campaign. If you’re an organization seeking to endorse this campaign, or if you’re a candidate wanting to #Pledgeit, email